Highly praised book PRODUCTIVITY PROMOTER written by DAX BAMANIA

For the leaders of today and the sunshine of tomorrow.

Productivity Promoter jotted down by Mr. Dax Bamania is one of the revolutionary book for every individuals and teams who wants to enhance their productivity. Self-help based on leadership paired with effectiveness for the popped collar to no collar corporates who struggle with managing work-personal life balance. The author of “Productivity Promoter” Mr. Dax Bamania is the influential Founder & CEO of TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. and National Joint Secretary of IHRO (International Human Rights Organization) also an investor and growth partner for many businesses. He deeply understands the importance of consistency related to innovation in small things that can make a big difference in the development of individuals and businesses. He is recognized and nominated by many awards and certifications as well such as nominated in AsiaOne Young Asian Entrepreneur 2019-20, selected for Pride of Bharat-2020 also got recognized by Business Connect, VyapaarJagat, The Enterprise World, CIO Look and listed as Best Motivational Speaker on Wikilistia.

The idea behind productivity promoter came in his mind from his daily work-personal life, every day he have to inspire people to give them level peak performance and that’s what the main reason he think that today or tomorrow, now or then every individual on the earth have to enhance their productivity level to make them life more peaceful. As every individual just have 24 hours in a day so how to get use it effectively and also how to balance this time for personal and professional life.

Productivity Promoter

Productivity Promoter is one of the best book to find out the most efficient person within every individual. Productivity Promoter will help every reader to level-up their lives by enhancing their productivity at global level. It’s reached with coveted practical content, tactics and frameworks. There are some magnetic concepts explained by author in the form of pillar of productivity, such as strategy, technology, actions and innovations with the base of culture. Also explained the concept of CD to become an optimistic leader of tomorrow. Where CD stand for 3rd alphabet C as 3C’s – change, challenge, competition and 4th alphabet D as 4D’s – direction, dedication, determination, discipline. 

Productivity Promoter is a thought-provoking book. It will help everyone to get focused on one word – Productivity. Today with technology, we can save a lot of time, money, and energy. But the real question is- Are we productive? Dax answers these questions in the book with a lot of clarity and helpful tools and techniques. Read it, and become one of the most productive people living on the planet”, quoted by Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, Deputy Director, Chanakya International Institute of Leadership Studies (CIILS) and the author of the best-seller book Corporate Chanakya, Chanakya Neeti, Chanakya in you and many others”.

Also, Abhishek Kumar Dubey, MD & CEO of Business Connect Magazine and Editor in Chief of CEO Story Magazine said – Productivity Promoter is one of the appreciable book for every individual who wants to level-up their productivity and enhance their performance in whatever they are doing. The way Dax Bamania explained everything in this book looks like practical and action-driven triggers. Productivity Promoter is a proper synthesis of gangetic and stunning thoughts, strategies, and frameworks. Read it, and enhance your probability to become the most productive leader of tomorrow”.

Dax’s efforts have been acknowledged and appreciated by eminent personalities such as Shri Vijay Rupani, Chief Minister of Gujarat State, Dr. Pravin Parmar – Founder and CEO of VyapaarJagat and Mr. Bhavin Shah, the Founder & Chief Mentor of “I.M.Possible Training Solutions”.

Now is the time to enhance your productivity! Get your hands on the Productivity Promoter available across 100+ countries in the world – order now and start your journey to activate most efficient person within you. Mr. Dax Bamania has revolutionized productivity by weaving it into simple yet effective words. Let’s look forward to provoking insights, promoting productivity, and building a better tomorrow.

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