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Terms & Conditions for Freelancer - IRC

IRC is a unique approach of TIGI HR Solution Pvt. Ltd. who allows the recruiter to work with TIGI HR remotely. As being IRC you can work from anywhere. In the scope of services we will provide you proper technology where you can submit the candidates on the current opening and if that particular candidate gets selected with our reference then we will share 25% of that particular basic invoice amount (exclude GST) and we will transfer it within 7 days once we will get the payment from the client end. For each and every client our criterias might differ but the invoice we are sending to the clients we will share with you as well to maintain transparency in the process. Normally we have our commercials from the client side as a standard rule mentioned below, but as mentioned above it may differ with every requirement.

  • Dedicated Search
  • Charges : 8.33% of annual CTC + GST (18%)
  • Payment Cycle : 30-45 days
  • Master Search
  • Charges : 10% of annual CTC + GST (18%)
  • Payment Cycle : 30-45 days
  • Leader Search
  • Charges : 12% of annual CTC + GST (18%)
  • Payment Cycle : 30-45 days

*One time replacement will be there within 90 days from the joining date.

Here we would like to clarify that you are not our permanent employee or you don’t have any intellectual right on our brand, visual elements, technology or clients. As per government rule we will deduct TDS (5%) from the commission amount of the IRC and we will submit the same to the income tax department of the government.

As we provide 90 days replacement to our client, so if we are getting replacement notification from client for any of the paid invoice then IRC have to refund the commission to the company TIGI HR or they have to provide resources for replacement. Within 15 days if we are not able to provide replacement then IRC have to refund us for the same. If IRC is not refunding us for the same then TIGI HR can take legal action for the same.

If any of your referred candidates got selected from our end, our account team will contact you from our domain email id ([email protected]) or our team may msg. you from TIGIHR, if you are receiving any mail from any other domain ID please do not consider it authentic from our end.

The amount shall be transferred within 7 days from once we received it from the client/employer end. It can take 30 days to 90 days or in a few cases it may take more than that as well. So you will get it according to that. You won’t be able to get it before we receive it from the client/employer. In rare cases candidates left their job or client/employer terminates the candidate/employee before completing the recruitment charge then you won’t get any referred charges in that case. Due to any dispute if we are not receiving payment from the client/employer then we are not reliable to pay anything.

Here we would like to clarify that as an IRC you are not our permanent employee and any of our permanent employees can not participate in this IRC programme. If the IRC is any of our current permanent employees that he/she won’t be able to claim for this benefit. We are not taking any charges or advance amount for participating in the freelancer-IRC model. Also we are not going to share you any database for the same. So you can take it in consideration.

As per our company criteria we are not taking any charges from the candidate/job seeker’s side so the same thing applies to each IRC that they may not be able to take any payment from the candidate or job seeker’s side. If he or she is doing such kind of ilegale, unlawful, fraudulent, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene or otherwise objectionable activity then he or she will be solely responsible for the same. Company is not liable for the same. Also that id will be permanently blocked with our services and he or she can get the punishment as according to the India Constitution also they have to return the same amount to each candidate.

By submitting each profile you are declaring that you agree with all the above terms and conditions.

Still if you have any query related to this you can write us on : [email protected]

Your work :

  • Here we are not sharing any direct client with you.
  • We will just share the detailed requirement and exact location with you and you just need to submit the most relevant candidates on your requirement.
  • Once you will submit the resume our team will screen it and if the submitted resume is shortlisted then our team will share detailed job description including company details to the shortlisted candidates.
  • After submitting a resume your work is done and our team will take it further and once any of your candidates get selected our team will update you for the same.

Note :

Rather than mass we focus much on class. We would like to request you to submit the most relevant candidates only, so it will increase the probability of selection.